Volume 3, № 1 (2020) 



Melnyk Yu. B., Pypenko I. S.

How will Blockchain Technology Change Education Future?!


Education  7
Original Research

Korniychuk O.P., Shykula R.G., Melnyk O.V., Konechnyi Yu.T.

Motivational Aspects and Modern Innovative Technologies in the Formation of Professional Competencies of Future Specialists in Higher Medical Educational Institutions


Review Article

Chasnikova O.V., Dubrovina I.V., Zinchenko O.M.

ICT Concepts Development in Educational Theory and Practice since the Time of Independence of Ukraine


Psychology  25
Review Article

Vynohradova V. Ye.

Influenct of Sociocultural Factors on Formation of V. I. Vernadsky’s Personal Qualities


Health Care Sciences  34
Original Research

Melnyk Yu. B., Stadnik A. V., Pypenko I. S.

Resistance to Post-traumatic Stress Reactions of Vulnerable Groups Engaged in Pandemic Liquidation


Rehabilitation  45
Original Research

Romanchuk O. P., Guzii O. V.

Sensorimotor Criteria for the Formation of the Autonomic Overstrain of the Athletes’ Cardiovascular System




Letter to the Editor

Sabra Z. E. I., Daigham A. I.

Therapeutic Competencies in Reducing Emotional and Social Distress after Cognitive Behavior Therapy Training Program


Letter to the Editor

Yekhalov V. V., Sedinkin V. A.

Present Day Deviations of Thinking of the Internship Doctors






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