Theoretical Preparation of Future Practical Psychologists in the Conditions of Modern Higher Education for the Applied Analysis of Behavior in Primary School Educational Activity

Tantsura A.S.1, Funtikova O.О.1

 1 Classical Private University, Ukraine



Background and Aim of Study: At present, there is a great need to define and substantiate the scientific provisions of a holistic system of training the future specialist for the applied analysis of student’s behavior in primary school’s educational activities. In our view, there are not enough theoretical and practical materials to prepare a future psychologist in elementary school. The aim of the study: to substantiate the system of preparation of future practical psychologists for the applied analysis of behavior in primary school educational activity. Material and Methods: In the study, the following general scientific methods were used: analysis, synthesis, comparison, generalization. Results: Theoretical knowledge in the educational psychology and pedagogical disciplines not only influence the thinking of the future specialist to master a logically organized specific class of ideal objects of psychology, their properties, relationships and changes, but also enable the immanent unfolding of the content, as the starting point of the movement of thought in the practical point of motion. Conclusions: Requirements for the content of education of practical psychologists have been updated. Conceptual bases development of self-design of future practical psychologist’s professional activity, creation and substantiation of his personality and definition of basic characteristics of his activity, development of self-realization of personality of psychologist’s practice in professional activity will allow them to successfully carry out the process of preparation of specialist in applied analysis of problems of behavior of elementary school students.




age psychology, general psychology, basics of psychocorrection, pedagogical psychology, social psychology, psychodiagnostics, psychological service





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DOI: http://doi.org/10.26697/ijsa.2019.1-2.03




Information about the author:

Tantsura Anna Sergiyivna – https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3869-9123; Postgraduate Student of the Department of Pedagogy, Classical Private University; Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine.

Funtikova Olha Oleksandrivna – https://orcid.org/0000-0003-4183-3263; Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences; Professor, Department of Pedagogy, Classical Private University; Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine.


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