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How will Blockchain Technology Change Education Future?!
Melnyk Yu. B.1,2,3, Pypenko I. S.1,2,4,5 


1 Kharkiv Regional Public Organization “Culture of Health” (KRPOCH), Ukraine
2 Scientific Research Institute KRPOCH, Ukraine
3 National Academy of the National Guard of Ukraine, Ukraine
Educational Center KRPOCH, Ukraine
Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics, Ukraine




Background and Aim of Study: The question “how” and “what to learn?” has always been urgent. New methodological approaches to education are appearing, pedagogical technologies are being worked out, innovative forms and methods of education are being implemented. The modern society being plunged into the information age, has not noticed that information technologies have started playing a more significant role in the educational process. A blockchain technology deserves a special attention nowadays. It appeared ten years ago and started its way as an undermining innovative technology that is moving upwards changing the old-fashioned forms. Having a great potential it has already started transforming financial and economic spheres, now it is turn for the sphere of education. The aim of the study: to turn the attention of scientific and pedagogical workers to possibilities of using the blockchain technology in the sphere of education, as well as characterise the peculiarities of its implementation. 





blockchain, innovation, education, technology 






Information about the authors:

Melnyk Yuriy Borysovych –; Doctor of Philosophy in Pedagogy, Associate Professor, Professor of the Department of Psychology and Pedagogy, National Academy of the National Guard of Ukraine; Founder and Chairman of the Board, KRPOCH; Director, Scientific Research Institute KRPOCH; Kharkiv, Ukraine.
Pypenko Iryna Sergiivna –; Doctor of Philosophy in Economics, Associate Professor, Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics; Co-Director, Scientific Research Institute KRPOCH; Director, Educational Center KRPOCH; Kharkiv, Ukraine.




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Melnyk, Yu. B., & Pypenko, I. S. (2020). How will Blockchain Technology Change Education Future?! International Journal of Science Annals, 3(1), 5–6. doi:10.26697/ijsa.2020.1.1
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