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There are NO SUBMISSION CHARGES (for manuscript).
There are NO CHARGES for rejected manuscript.
There are NO OTHER HIDDEN CHARGES (for pages, color images, etc.).
There is NO SUBSCRIPTION FEE for the electronic version of the Journal.
The published articles will be immediately and permanently free to access by everyone.
“INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SCIENCE ANNALS” was founded with a charitable purpose for free distribution. Printed copy of IJSA is distributed FREE OF CHARGE in the territory of Ukraine by libraries. The electronic version of IJSA is placed in International databases and repositories.
Article Publication Charge.
There are no charges for publication of articles submitted before 01/01/2022
There are no charges for publication of articles submitted for the Competitions
The Journal Founder (KRPOCH) covers from 80% to 100% of the costs associated with the publication of the manuscript in the Journal.
IJSA is committed to support researchers from around the world publish the articles hassle free. So, we don’t charge any fee forcibly. Authors can make donations as per their interest/convenience as we follow pay as you like policy. We accept amounts between EUR 100 to EUR 1000. Authors can order hard copies of the issue with a price of EUR 100 for 1 copy. And the delivery will be free of charge. The charges can be made by both authors and sponsoring organizations.
We guarantee that Authors will be offered the lowest possible charge to publish an article in the IJSA. These funds are used to cover the manuscript processing charges.
Article Publication Charge waiver and discount options.
All winners of the Competitions held by the Journal do not pay any publication fees.
No Payment: The publisher KRPOCH does not pay any royalty to authors for their article.
These authors may still request (in advance) that the Publishing fully bears the publication charges.
Authors from designated “Low-income economies” may apply for 100% charge waiver and authors from designated “Lower-middle income economies” may apply for 50% waiver in charges.
Click here for information about the World Bank country and income groups.
Consideration of articles is not related to ability to pay the charge, and we ask authors not to discuss with Editors issues concerning payment at the peer review process. All communications related to charges are handled by Editorial Office staff not involved in decisions about manuscripts.
Payment details are available only after the review processing and a positive decision of the IJSA Editorial Council to accept the manuscript for publication.
Any charge for the manuscript prior to the peer review process does not provide a positive review and does not guarantee a publication.
Publishing charge or waiver status do not influence editorial decision making.
After accepting and paying for the paper, the author(s) receives a certificate signed by the IJSA Editor-in-Chief, Director of Publishing, which indicates the original data of the publication.
Authors should understand that the Editorial Office cannot publish all manuscripts. Because there are many occurring publishing expenses per Journal: page associated with manuscript processing, editorial, production, typesetting, printing, paper, binding, shipping, web-hosting, archiving, administration of the site, preparation and distribution of mandatory printed (color) copies and accounting documents, payment of membership fees in databases, DOI registration for articles, payment of banking services, etc.
The list of articles and their order of placement in the Journal are determined by the Editorial Council.

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