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IJSA accepts the following manuscript types: Editorial, Original Research, Review Article, Letter to the Editor, Review.

Author Guidelines
Submission of a manuscript implies that it has not been published previously in any format (internet website, journal, newsletter, etc.), that it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere, and that if accepted it will not be published elsewhere in the same form, in English or in any other language.

Manuscript Preparation
Format: Microsoft Word (doc or docx).
Font: 12-point Times New Roman – for the title, headings (bold), for the body (normal).
Line Spacing: single-spaced. Do not add extra space before or after paragraphs.
Margins: 1-in. margins on every side of the page.
Paragraph Alignment: to the left margin. Do not insert hyphens (manual breaks) in words at the end of line.
Paragraph Indentation: 0.5 in. from the left margin.
Page Numbers: in the top right corner.
Language: English.

English Language Writing
Please write your text in good English (American or British usage is accepted). Poor standard of grammar or spelling will lead to the manuscript being sent back to authors.

Research Methodology
Identify methodologies, equipment and procedures in sufficient detail to allow other researchers to reproduce results.
Specify well-known methods including statistical procedures; mention and provide a brief description of published methods which are not yet well known; describe new or modified methods at length; justify their use and evaluate their limits. We ask authors to ensure proper consideration of sex as a biological variable.

Tables and Figures
Tables and Figures should be submitted in the text file, referenced in the text sequentially.
Each table/figure should be displayed with a number and a brief but clear explanatory title. The table/figure number appears above the table/figure in bold font flush left. The table/figure title appears one single-spaced line below the table/figure number in italic title case.
Tables/Figures can include notes which are placed below the body of the table/figure. Notes are designated by the word “Note” (italicized) followed by a full stop. Notes can be used to describe the contents of the table that cannot be understood from the table title or body alone. Figure notes can be used to convey information to clarify the contents and to acknowledge figures reprinted or adapted from another source.
Each table should be created with the Table menu of Microsoft Word table editor, by selecting the number of rows and columns needed.
Figure formats accepted: JPEG set at 300 dpi resolution preferred; other formats accepted are TIFF and PDF (high quality). If figures are in color, it should always be specified whether color or black and white reproduction is required in the print version. If figures are to be printed in black and white, an additional version of the captions should be provided for the print version not referring to color.

Units of measurement, symbols and abbreviations must conform to international standards. Measurements of length, height, weight and volume should be given in metric units (meter, kilogram, liter) or their decimal multiples. Temperatures must be expressed in degrees Celsius.
The use of unusual symbols or abbreviations is strongly discouraged. The first time an abbreviation appears in the text, it should be preceded by the words for which it stands.

Reference list conforms to the APA Style (APA 7th).
The in-text citation appears within the body of the manuscript and briefly identifies the cited work by its author and date of publication. This enables readers to locate the corresponding entry in the alphabetical reference list without numbering at the end of the manuscript.
At least 75% of the references must have article identifiers, such as digital object identifier (DOI). Please add this identifier at the end of your references when available. You can visit the following link to search for DOIs of articles:

Submission Process

Prior to submission, authors are advised to check the scope of the Journal, and carefully read the Publication Ethics and provided guidelines.

All manuscripts should be submitted through the online submission system.

The following files must be uploaded during the submission process:

  • Title Page (includes the manuscript title, authors’ names, authors’ affiliation(s) and contributions, information about the authors, corresponding author details, short running title, and word count (excluding title, abstract, acknowledgments, conflicts of interest, references, figures and table), and abstract word count); please click here to download the Manuscript Template.
  • Blinded Manuscript (title page from the Manuscript Template with authors’ names, affiliations, information about the authors, corresponding author details must not include in this file).
  • Cover Letter
  • Author Agreement Form
  • Conflict of Interest Declaration
Instructions for Editorial
Instructions for Original Research

Instructions for Review Article

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