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«INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SCIENCE ANNALS» is committed to a high standard of editorial ethics. The Ethics Codex of Scientific Publications unites and reveals the general principles and rules that should guide in their relationships the participants in the process of scientific publications: authors, reviewers, editors, publishers, distributors and readers.

  1. Editorial Board is used the principles of ethics of scientific publications upon recommendations of Committee of Publication Ethics. IJSA is the COPE Member
  2. Editorial Board endorse the principles embodied in the Declaration of Helsinki (pdf) and expect that all research involving the humans has been performed in accordance with these principles. All human studies must receive an approval by the researchers of Institutional Review Board. A copy of the relevant documentation should be attached to the manuscript.
  3. Conflicts of interests of persons who have direct or indirect relation to the publication of the manuscript or any information that the manuscript consist are settled according to the recommendations of COPE.

Any cases of multiple, redundant or concurrent publication, plagiarism, fabricated data, guest authorship etc. show scientific dishonesty of the author (-s). All these cases will be announced and delivered to the corresponding educational institutions (place of work of the author (-s), scientific societies, scientific associations etc.)

The Editorial Office should acquire information on sources of financing of a publication, financial contributions of research institutions, scientific associations and other («financial disclosure»).

By submitting a manuscript for publication the author (s):

  1. Agrees to place full text on the Internet (Author Agreement Form)
  2. Agrees with the principles of ethics of scientific publications upon recommendations of COPE.



The International Journal of Science Annals is the member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). 
As such, this Journal follows the COPE and the Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors, the Code of Conduct for Journal Publishers
In addition, as the Journal that follows the ICMJE’s, it is expected of authors, reviewers and editors that they follow the best-practice guidelines on ethical behavior contained therein Recommendations for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing, and Publication of Scholarly Work in Medical Journals

A selection of key points is included on the IJSA website:
- IJSA Ethical Standards;
- IJSA Editorial Policies;
- IJSA Editing and Reviewing Process;
- Ethical commitments of Editors;
- Ethical commitments of Reviewers;
- Appeal to the Editor’s and the Reviewers’ decisions;
- Guidelines for Retracting or Correcting Articles.
For full details, however, always refer to the three documents listed above.

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