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Manuscripts Under Evaluation
Pre-publication review in 2023

Melnyk Yu. B., Pypenko I. S.
The Legitimacy of Artificial Intelligence and the Role of ChatBots in Scientific Publications

Melnyk Yu. B.
Using of ChatGPT in Psychology Research and Practice

Farisandy E. D., Yulianto A., Kinanti A. D., Ayu B. A.
The effect of Self-Compassion on Academic Burnout in Undergraduate Students

Nikolov A., Georgieva L.
Influence of Behavioral and Social Factors on Gastric Cancer Incidence and Mortality

Dubey R., Baghel D. S., Gaikwad K., Rathore V., Saxena R., Ansari Y. M.
Role of Lipid Profile, Apolipoproteins, and Their Ratio for Prediction of Cardiovascular Disease in Essential Hypertension

Chaudhary K., Kumar A.
Inhalation Therapy: An Analysis of Inhalation Technique Errors in Metered-Dose Inhaler and Dry Powder Inhaler Users

Pypenko I. S.
Creating of a Digital Economic Platform for a Decentralized Guaranteed Medical, Social and Psychological Support in Providing Geriatric, Oncological, Palliative Care to Patients

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